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Grantee Reports

The “Whitening” of Camden’s Teachers

New Jersey Policy Perspective (February 2021)

This report looks at the city of Camden, NJ, where the city now employs fewer Black teachers and more white teachers than it did two decades ago. The decline in Black teachers is primarily attributed to charter and renaissance school expansion, where charter schools are hiring fewer teachers of color. This expansion has also resulted in a less experienced workforce, as charter and renaissance teachers have far less experience than Camden City School District teachers. Read more here.

The Geography of Poverty and Race in New Jersey

New Jersey Future (January 2021)

This report analyzes geographic trends in poverty in New Jersey over the past two decades. The analysis shows that the number of poor neighborhoods in New Jersey is growing, as is the concentration of poverty. Read more here.

Infrastructure for Recovery and Renewal

Regional Plan Association (January 2021)

This report looks at how a federal infrastructure program can lift the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan region. The report describes how the nation's recovery demands an infrastructure program that creates jobs, reduces racial and economic inequality, builds healthier communities, and prepares the U.S for climate change and public health emergencies. Read more here.